July 1, 2016


FIMAS expanded the management team as of 1st of July, 2016: Rene Winkler takes the lead of the Consulting division and in this function contribute to the continuing expansion of FIMAS. 

Before Rene Winkler joined FIMAS he was Managing Director of Eurex Repo GmbH, a company fully owned by Deutsche Boerse and specialized in collateralized interbank funding. Prior to this Rene Winkler was active for Eurex Frankfurt AG (Deutsche Boerse Group) and Entory AG as a Senior Consultant. Furthermore, he has more than 10 years of experience in the banking sector. He was responsible for the product development in the custody and settlement division for Dresdner Bank AG.

Karsten Sommer, founder and managing director of FIMAS: “I am very happy that we could win Rene Winkler as an experienced manager for our company. Together we will continue to grow the company, with personal and professional development of our consultants as the focus. Rene in his capacity as Head of Consulting will play a central role here”.



June 3, 2016


The financial industry is in intense discussion whether Blockchain is going to be the next “big thing” – will it enable a revolution of the industry akin to what the Internet has done to media and commerce since the 1990s? Or will it fail because integration with the “real world” and legacy systems is too slow and costly?

For our own research, FIMAS in 2015 set up a working group of business analysts and developers to investigate the new technology. We started with the bitcoin blockchain and eventually moved on to smart contracts on distributed ledgers. As part of a workshop in May, our team developed a simple smart contract which it has now made available on GitHub.

Smart contracts are essentially autonomous applications, deployed to a distributed ledger, that can automatically enforce contracts based on parameters contained therein. They are tamper-proof as the contract, all its parameters and indeed business logic are distributed throughout the Blockchain. If designed properly, they do not necessarily require clearing and settlement institutions for fulfillment. In our example we designed a simple index certificate in which payment flows are auto-executed based on the underlying index value at a given point in time. Naturally, our goal here was limited to tinker with the concept and technology in order to better understand it. We gained valuable insight by identifying and discussing all sorts of questions related to smart contracts: While it is easy to program business logic and a multitude of validations, the real issues to address concern “real world” integration. Here, we made good progress using the sample smart contract as basis for discussion.

Our experimental smart contract was written in "Solidity", the scripting language used by Ethereum. As we were learning from other Ethereum-based open source projects, we made the results of our workshop available on GitHub: github.com/FimasDevelopment/IndexCertificate.

The FIMAS team is convinced that a significant amount of business and technological expertise is required for a deep understanding of the blockchain and its potential applications. Leveraging our 400+ manyears of expertise in financial markets business and technology we will continue our exercise in research and knowledge building, adding value for our clients seeking advise in whether, where and how to use the distributed ledger technology.

February 8, 2016


Der Enterprise NoSQL-Datenbankanbieter MarkLogic und die Unternehmensberatung FIMAS (Financial Market Solutions) als Finanzmarkt-Spezialist werden ihren Kunden zukünftig gemeinsam auf den Finanzsektor zugeschnittene, innovative Big Data-Lösungen zur Bewältigung und Optimierung der Datenverwaltung anbieten.

Die Anforderungen an die Verarbeitung großer, heterogener Datenmengen, denen sich Finanzdienstleister ausgesetzt sehen, steigen seit Jahren kontinuierlich. Treiber sind dabei insbesondere dasregulatorische Umfeld sowie im Wettbewerb erforderlichen und von Kunden erwarteten Digitalisierungsstrategien.  Mit der Kooperation von MarkLogic und FIMAS können beide Firmen in Zukunft gemeinsam Kunden aus dem Finanzsektor eine zukunftssichere Infrastruktur zur Erfassung von unstrukturierten Daten und komplexen Inhalten anbieten. Durch die innovative Datenbanklösung von MarkLogic können Unternehmen ihre heterogenen Daten ohne Zwang zu einer vorhergehenden Strukturierung ihrer Daten ordnen, für Transparenz sorgen und durch einen intelligenten und schnellen Zugriff ihr volles Potential ausschöpfen. Bei diesem Prozess sind keine Datenmodelle notwendig, was die ETL Vorgänge sehr vereinfacht.

„Mit FIMAS haben wir den idealen Partner, um unsere Technologie auf die Bedürfnisse der Finanzmarktteilnehmer anzupassen und sie dabei zu unterstützen die Nutzung ihrer Daten zu revolutionieren“, beschreibt Andreas Rottenaicher Director Alliances DACH bei Marklogic die Intention der Partnerschaft.

Als einziger Anbieter bietet MarkLogic eine leistungsstarke, flexible und effiziente Datenbanktechnologie auf Enterprise NoSQL Basis. MarkLogic stellt seinen Kunden eine Vielzahl von Informationsanwendungen zur Steigerung des Umsatzes, Überwachung von Risiken und Prozessoptimierung zur Verfügung. Nutzer der Technologie sind im Finanzmarkt bereits zahlreiche führende Finanzinstitute weltweit.

FIMAS ist spezialisiert auf die Bedürfnisse der Marktteilnehmer im Kapitalmarkt. Aufgrund der langjährigen Beziehungen zu Börsen, Banken, Brokern, Aufsichtsbehörden und Softwareanbietern sind die Berater von FIMAS sehr erfahren in den Anforderungen, die sich aus der täglichen Arbeit mit Finanzmarktprodukten ergeben.

„Wir wissen, dass die Anwendungen von MarkLogic für Finanzmarktteilnehmer von großem Interesse sind. Durch unsere Partnerschaft sind wir ideal aufgestellt, um unseren Kunden nun auch in Big Data-Anwendungen gemeinsam optimale Lösungen anbieten zu können“, äußerte sich Karsten Sommer, Gründer und Geschäftsführer von FIMAS.

Marklogic website


30 January, 2016


Founded in 2006, we are celebrating our 10th business year.

Since foundation, we have succeeded to win 6 of the 10 largest German financial institutions as customers. Additionally, we worked with several international exchange organizations in multiple continents.

With over 30 employees, we have reached a size that enables us to execute new assignments anytime, agile and highly professional. In addition to our own team we can rely on a robust network of partnerships with consulting firms of similar size, and a large number of freelance consultants.

Our customers are still busy implementing regulatory requirements, but also focus more and more on the challenges and opportunities from digitalization strategies. Therefore, in addition to classic process and IT consulting, we focus in our 10th year on technological topics like Blockchain, Big Data and NoSQL. Here we have managed to strengthen our position through technology partnerships, allowing us to offer advice and technology from a single source. We will announce more related information shortly.

We thank our clients, employees, partners and supporters for their confidence and look forward to our future work together!